exformation - noun (uncountable):
All the shared body of knowledge which is not explicitly used when people communicate, but without which communication would be impossible

What is the modern world - internet, video, phones, computers, television, interactivity... The world is communication.
Technologies are going fast & everyone is trying not to  to stay behind.

The boundaries between internet, TV or cinema, voice communications & interactive applications are blurred & every environment is sharing elements with the others. Then people start requesting more exciting projects.

Our experience permits EXFORM to combine this diversity of communication tools in this dynamica world. The services we offer may look at first completely irrelevant, but more and more of our customers need complex solutions, which we can provide.

In our work we try hard to mantain high level of the final product using modern techniques together with proven standards.


We know that the success is a mixture between work, experienceresearch &, of course, fresh ideas