- social network and video sharing

info:social network; xHTML; CSS; Flash; ActionScript; JavaScript; PHP; PostgreSQL; serverside video convertion; video streaming

"The idea is vNetka to become an art based video network developing young talents, a place where original video is shared and where people can communicate with clips as well as sharing their own point of view as authors and cameramen."

The serverside video convertion system, based on FFmpeg, allows video convertion from most of the todays video formats. It is planed to upgrade and develop functionality to record and live stream video from any internet enabled video recording device.

As a social network vNetka gives its users the ability to comment and answer (with video or picture) the other's themes, to vote for any uploaded video on the site and to create communities by interests - clubs or causes

The plans for the projects are to become a new kind of media so we will keep upgrading it with more and more interesting functionalities.